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New Hotness

It's my birthday.

My back is still sore but is healing up nicely - my tattoo is nothing less than phenomenal and I am very happy with it. I am obsessing over it as one does with new things, and constantly worrying if I am caring for it well, but I am sure it will heal up fine. It's moving from the owie stage into the dear god why is it so itchy stage.

You would never know I had a thick 7 inch scar across my back. Now it's a work of art. The carnation is for my mum. The DNA dragonfly is a meshing of science and spirituality -legends say dragonflies carry your wishes to heaven; DNA is the language of the living universe. The triskelion represents symmetry...the change through life and a bringing together of  things - body, mind and soul...past, present and future. The gears and leaves are my body and spirit growing and ghost in my machine.

I am absolutely deliriously happy with it all. Jen Lee at Red Tide has specialized training to tattoo over scars an…