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Every day is our day

Take some time today to think of the women in your life who taught you how to be to be unique and feel the fire in your belly for the things that drive you wild in your quest for knowledge and wisdom. For those who told you it's OK to laugh...that it's OK to cry.  That girls CAN do that...that YOU can do that. That you are valued for who you are and your presence, not for what you look like or what you can give or bring. You are enough.

My dear friends - I salute you. I thank you. I love you. I am making changes in the hopes of making more space for you in my life and heart so that no matter how little or how much time I have on this earth I will have spent part of it making sure you all know how important you are to me. I would not be where I am now without the strength and laughter freely given to me when I was the lowest of the lows and I am unable to fully express my gratitude. I want to inspire you in the ways you have inspired me - just by being the amazing…

This is insanity yo

This morning I got up and did the first Insanity workout. Eep. Hard. Oddly burned less calories than my tabata class does...but I had to stop a few times to catch my breath so I know I worked hard. I feel good now. Ready for the day though. Starting to get visible muscles in my shoulders again - getting stronger :)

It's a snowy blizzardy windy mess of a day. Not too cold (-12C) but the wind is absolutely ridiculous with a tonne of blowing snow.  Winter's last hurrah I think. J and I spent an hour shoveling the yard out from the snow dump we got yesterday after supper and literally as soon as we stopped it started snowing again....meh. It was so nice for the last few weeks - we got spoiled. If I lived out of town I would not be at work today.

But I am. Because in Saskatchewan that is how we roll. Just a little snow...haha. It's why when we see other cities talk about a massive snowfall and storms and there's just an inch of snow we scoff. We've got about a foot of i…

Up and down and side to side

Learning. Changing. It's what we all do.

Each on e of us has things that we need. That drive us crazy. That we crave. This weekend I got to spend time with a dear old friend and see her transition with strength and beauty into a new life on her own. She and her husband were together for 20 years...and they have decided to go their separate ways. Being good friends with both of them, it is hard to see them both so indifferent to each other now but I am so grateful that they are being civil and decent and doing their best for their kids. I went out for a meal with them and the kids to see them all (which I'm not gonna lie was hideously awkward and sad for me) but they were civil. I am still wrapping my head around it, but seeing Cindi happy in her new home and moving on with confidence and style and strength is a wonderful thing. I know this is the best for them - when you are unhappy and you both are not willing to work on things...that's when you need to step back, gather …