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Well how about that

It's been a weird week. Up. Down. Side to side.

I'm trying to be healthy and get in my exercise to make the most of my last month before I have to sit on my ass again for a month (sigh). Actually it's not that bad. I can walk. I'm hoping I can keep at it and be consistent. I've noticed I am getting stronger and can do more reps so that is cool. Next week I am moving up from 5Lb to 8Lb weights with my physio and will go out for a run on wednesday mornings (if the weather isn't sucktastic - if it is I'll head into the gym and use the treadmill). Or maybe I'll try some PIIT.

I am quite glad at a recent opportunity that came up at work. My Master's work was on immunohistochemistry related to breast cancer and breast cancer markers. This is how they see if you're receptor positive or not and determine your treatment. For many years I've waited for my former supervisor to publish my work (outside my thesis) and haven't had any luck. A breast c…

Happy Easter

I googled wierd bunny and creepy easter I need to go and look at cute bunnies for a while.
Sheesh. There be some wierd people out there...
Happy Easter all of you fine peoples. Whether you celebrate the religious or the pagan holiday (or just use the time to be off work, eat delicious food and chocolate eggs) I wish you all a fine weekend with family and friends. I plan to eat a big mennonite easter lunch tomorrow and then relax all weekend celebrating a friend's birthday and seeing how many mini eggs I can fit in my mouth at one time.

It's good to have goals.

Fort Neufeldo

I had a great weekend. Rejuvenating and cathartic.
J is building structures for the summer for outdoors out of pipe and built one in our living room as a proof of concept and we ended up keeping it for the weekend and turning it into a blanket fort. SO much fun. We filled it with pillows and spent the weekend in it reading and relaxing and drinking wine. The cats assumed we built it just for them and have been living in there non-stop since we put it up. I think they'll be sad when we tear it down this week.

Lately I've been good health-wise physically, but mentally it's been tough. Not sadness so much as detachment. I have found myself distracted and less than enthusiastic about work and trying not to worry too much about my upcoming surgery. It's a minor one in comparison, but it's just one more thing to go through before I'm done. Another reminder of what I've been through. Am still going through. J and I talked a lot...(what would I do without that man?…

Slow and Steady

Hiya. Sorry I'm not here much. Just enjoying things and busy. I'm trying to cut back time on the computer where I am wasting time I could be doing real stuff so my blog and facebook have been cut back some lately.

I seem to have a good rhythm with this weeks fitness. MWF physio with my walk to work added in and tuesday/thursday gym workouts of lower body and some cardio. If I could get my eating a little more in line I think I can really make a change by my April surgery. I have been feeling pretty jiggly lately and this exercise helpe me feel more like I'm in control of my health instead of just reacting and recovering...Starting April I plan to go in to the gym on wednesday morning too for more intense cardio with my physio......there is something about going to a place to workout that makes me work harder...I mean I made myself get there I might as well do something right? I suppose I could work out how to do it at home too. I will have to see. If I could get some diffe…

So far so good

Mmmm. Sushi. I just met a friend for lunch and had sushi. Yum.

It's been a good busy week or so. Work is fun. Home is good. The house is super messy and I've started working on cleaning and decluttering it bit by bit each day to make a dent in things...courage.

I've been good and done my physio and walked to work monday wednesday and friday and going in to the gym to do lower body work and elliptical or running tuesday and thursday mornings. Just saw my physiotherapist this morning and she says my range of motion is great and my strength is progressing well. I've got a few new things to do and a few things not to do and I can keep building up strength for the next few months. Yes. Good job everyone.

I'm happy to know that my my swap out surgery date to get my implants and my other breast matching the new one is set- April 25. Hopefully that's the last major surgery I need. Then i can work on healing up and getting back to full strength for good. Here's to t…


I did it. I packed my bag last night and this AM I hopped on the 6AM bus to come into the gym here on campus when it opens at 6:30. Even remembered my tension sleeve for my arm. I did essentially the same workout as on friday only without side step ups and only 25 minutes on the treadmill so I'd have time to stretch, shower and be in for work on time. I had a nice stretch and some protein shake on my walk over here to my desk to snarf some raspberries and cottage cheese and sip my tea and feel...well...a bit smug, to be honest! :) I forgot how much I love this. How GOOD I feel all day. Yes getting up at 5:30 is utterly lame, but if I can avoid the snooze and lay out everything so it's dummy proof I can do it. Workout clothes ready and bag packed with lunch ready to pop in the bag and all I have to do is feed and hug my kittehs and get out the door. I only forgot a water bottle...not bad. I had to go pick up a new combo lock on the weekend since I haven't the foggiest wher…