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Safety First

I've been helping a friend with a cool but ultimately doomed project every evening this week. He's throwing a post-apocalyptic gathering with dance music, drumming and it should be rather cool. We are making decor from drift wood, metal, wire, feathers and old electronics. The only problem is he is determined to have it this weekend when not a lot of people can come and unfortunately there won't be too many people at it, and a lot of people who'd like to help out aren't here either. Plus it starts at 11 and the doors are only open until 12 and then it goes until 6 am. He's trying to create a "mood" and I admire what he's trying to do...I just fear that there will be a small attendance. I have a feeling he's gonna lose out money on it and it could be so much more if it were another weekend, but we're trying to help him achieve his vision for the event despite it all and enjoy the process. I don't know how the party itself will be but I&…

Dad hugs cure everything

Spent the weekend with Dad.
There was much napping and cooking lazy food, dominoes, catching up with old friends and even a mushroom hunt in the woods. I worked with Dad in the shop on a few things and just enjoyed his company.
I was frazzled. Now I feel so much better. :)
Sadly J felt crummy all weekend but at least he got to curl up and nap in a beautiful place.
Get your dose of hugs and nature today :)

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

And then all the lab equipment broke.

OK actually only 3 things. But still.
Just one at a time please. Get in line.

Heeeeeeeere's Geo!

I'm back :)
What an awesome holiday - I feel like I've been away for months. First day back at work was spent catching up on old stuff and putting out fires, but not too crazy. I think it'll all be OK :)

There was much fringing when we could (saw some great plays) and Connect was a lot of fun. Really small and cozy and only 3 hours away. J even got to VJ at the main stage for over 4 hours of visuals during the headliners so he was very happy. I relaxed with more friends there than I thought would be there and came home quite happy too.
Then it was off to Ottawa. What a blast. The "house" we stayed in was on sale for about a million dollars...anyone have a spare million for me? I could very much get used to that life. We all fit in there and there was a 2 acre yard with trampline, 2 shaded decks, a giant hammock and a pool for us all to hang out in as well as a gloriously large main house area with a kitchen for us to all BBQ and visit in. SUCH a good time catchi…