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I do at the zoo

Just got back from phase 1 of holiday 2015. It was lovely. J's cousin got married in Calgary at the zoo and it really was a wonderful time. The wedding went great and we stayed with my sister and her husband so we got in a visit with them too. Since it was at the zoo I even got to go and watch the penguins (meep) between the ceremony and the hooray.
 Now we're back home for a few days before we head out for the weekend to the Connect music festival. It's only a few hours away but we've never been. Usually we're doing the Fringe festival thing but this year J is working at one of the festival stages so he is going up early today and I'm heading up with a friend on friday. Should be fun. We can still get in some shows next week, so we won't miss out completely. An old aquaintance of ours, T.J. Dawe, is doing his thing at the Fringe this year and is in town staying with us for a few weeks as a billet. He's keeping an eye on our critters whil…

I've just got to put these wings to test....

It's an Annie Lennox kinda day. She's one of my diva heroes...I've
been humming old Eurythmics tunes all day and am now onto her greatest
hits as I work away here on SOPs and the last of the documents before I
get to go on holidays for a few weeks.

I can't wait.

This last week I've been working on doing the Bodyrock 21
day beach bootcamp and it's been a good challenge so far. 30 seconds
work and 10 seconds rest is something I can get into. The workouts are
less than 30 minutes so I can fit it in my morning without too much
fuss. I'm determined to be as active as I can until my surgery in
September. Still don't have a date set yet. Hope to know soon...Then I
can start psyching myself up for it.

For now it's just keeping my head down to get all this stuff done and I can go away and relax for a while with my family.



To flap or not to flap. That is the question.

I just had a follow up appointment this morning with my plastic surgeon. I thought it was just to check in with him about what we'd talked about previously and get clearance to book my recon surgery in september. It was a strange meeting. After looking at my chest again he felt that although I have healed up well my radiated skin might not be robust enough to survive the surgeries and expansion and that there is a risk that that whole route might end up with me having to have it all undone and then try another surgery. I can't do a flap surgery from my abs or butt (since I'm pretty healthy he heh...the first time it's been a bad thing to be thin and healthy) but apparently they can take some of my latissimus muscle from my back and move it forward to my chest to create a pocket to put a small expander and eventual implant into and take a piece of skin from my back and use it to rebuild my breast so that it should stretch out better and be healthier. It's called lat…

Where does the time go?

Hullo. I've been off doing things.
Sorry I haven't popped by much lately. It's been so warm and lovely and I just had a whole 10 days off work so I've been away and out in the world. We went on a road trip to northern Alberta and went to a music festival in the forest and met up with so many old friends that I haven't seen in forever. It was wonderful. Danced. Drank mojitos. Laughed. Smiled until my face hurt. The weather was great, and I even had a day or 2 at home after to just relax with J. It was wonderful. I have a slight tan even... the time off was so nice. AND only a few more weeks until I'm off for 3 whole weeks for a few family weddings and then a bit of a holiday to Ottawa to see my whole famdamily for a bit for my neice's wedding- it's been forever since we've all been together and I can't wait. We've found a huge acreage on airbnb that all 12 of us plus the kidlets can fit into for during the week we're visiting there...with…