After my third learn to run session this morning I also did a few beginner leg exercises (the 3 I was doing previously) and some crunches. It feels so good to move again. I am taking thiings slowly and listening to my body, since my left knee used to always offer insults and comments to my workouts. I need to keep an eye on it since all the muscles I worked so hard to build to support it are in need of rebuilding...but it'll come. Lots of stretching is the key...and not ignoring any clicking or stiffness is important with knee issues. doing a few strengthening exercises I was given to help should help me along too, I think. There's always the bike if my knee gets crotchety with running. We shall see. I hope not.
Then...then after running came the breakfast smoothie.
J is hooked on Tazo chai tea mix (mix with milk and drink hot or cold...yum...we have started to get that stuff by the case at Costco. It's that delicious). I wanted some, but not too much since it's caffeinated. I threw a banana, scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1/2c milk, 1/2c water, 1/4 c chai mix and 3 ice cubes in ze blendah and blended it up.
Yep. That's getting added to the breakfast smoothie collection!
Add in a fluffy head and it's a good day! (So close to no hats! So close!!)

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solarity said...

My left knee greets your left knee in solidarity.
Beyond peach fuzz!

Mary Anne in Kentucky