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Hiyo!Ah, this has been a week of minor annoying side effects...Still I am grateful they are minor. More annoying than anything else. Trying to look at the positives. I am less blotchy but have picked up itchy watery eyes and runny nose, apparently common in taxotere treatment. Ah well...trying some claritin and eye drops to see if it helps. No eyelashes makes it all pretty wierd to deal with...nothing to stop anything and not terribly sexy, but we're shooting for the prize here so I'll deal. I am finding it a bit surreal how accustomed I have become to chemo and all it's quirks. Strange...BUT Only two treatments to go before my mastectomy surgery the end of April. Still not a set date yet, so I may or may not be at comicon but what should be will be. Then, with a few zaps of radiation (and maybe a few cool resulting superpowers) I will be done.  For reals. Thank frog :)
We're in winters last final hurrah of a cold snap right now. With the wind on saturday it's suppose…

Oh goody

I have a new side effect - giant blotchy red spots on my face.
Oh goody.
They don't itch or bother me at all...they just look rediculous.
The bald thing I can wear a hat for...this is just...charming...
Yup, I'm so sexy at the moment :)

Gentlemen we can rebuild him...

I have decided a way to begin rebuilding my muscles.  Every morning I will do the following this week before breakfast. Next week I will do it twice thru. Then maybe change the pushups to burpees. Then in chemo week I'll just do what I can and get back to it when my body permits. 
10 squats 10 lunges right leg 10 squats 10 pushups 10 lunges left leg 10 squats 10 pushups  10 side lunges, both sides 20 bicycle crunches
It's so odd after what I could do before. My legs were shaking after doing this this morning. I can only do pushups from my knees. Yes... I am weak, and can feel it in my legs already, but will be strong again. Functional strength. It sounds wierd to say but I need to be back in touch with my body again and what it can do. Even if it's just a little bit.
I also picked up a yoga DVD which I am curious to try a few times a week during chemo week when I can do less. My doc suggested yoga to help with the aches so I will try that and see if it helps. I think just stretching …

Every Day

I'd like to introduce you to my Dad. This is a favourite recent picture I have of he and I :)
Why? Well, I've been thinking about him today. I am lucky enough to have a family full of support and love through everything I have gone through in my life. They aren't perfect, but I know they are always there for me when I need them, and with my treatment it has been a real godsend. My Dad has had a tough few years after losing my Mum, but the last year or so he has really come back to himself and the sparkle and joy in his eyes has returned....just in time for him to worry about me and my health. But even in this, my Dad has been his wonderful self. Dad is one of those simple guys who can fix anything and is always ready to help other people when he can with a smile and a laugh. He taught me well to speak my mind clearly and be respectful and use the gifts I have to help others. He spent his work life as a teacher and educator and now he is a putterer and general handyman of …

Thanks Doc

I am learning to not be so stubborn and listen to my doctor more. The week after chemo I don't sleep well from all the junk in my system and it can be frustrating (since normally I can sleep anywhere at any time). I had been given lorazepam to help me sleep along with my collection of  other side effect drugs, but given that even non-drowsy cold meds make me conk out and drool I have been leery of taking any sleep aids because I hate feeling sedated and groggy the next day. Plus, I don't like to take medication unless I absolutely have to...I'm odd that way. I have a high pain tolerance and like to be in touch with my body to a certain degree to not overmedicate...and with all this stuff they give me for chemo my overmedicate bells are ringing off the hook :)
Me? Stubborn? Nah... ;)

At my prechemo visit after he noticed my worsening sleep issues noted in my treatment diary my doc really pushed me to try even half a pill to help me sleep - he felt with these new side effect…

Wuv day

Happy love day everyone :)
Sorry I've been away a while. I've been busy just doing *stuff* :)

I have just gotten back from my most recent poison dose and am relaxing up at home feeling great after a nice walk in the snow. Tonight, since I still feel so great, J and I are going out to see a great DJ who is in from Vancouver (Timothy Wisdom. Funky stuff). Since the emetics they have me on for the next few days make me all jittery and feeling fabulous and I can't sleep I figure we might as well have a nice evening before the side effects kick in in a day or so. After today I will be a good little hermit and we will have a weekend of relaxing up at home. Since I now know this new chemo has me feeling OK for the first few days before the crash and burn I'm taking advantage of it.

The last week has been nice. I felt great so I got a lot done around home, worked on my craft room, baked up some killer bread and enjoyed a few days of tasting food and having my energy back.


And back out the other side

Well then.
Hullo :)
I am glad to say that other than tiredness I am nearly back to normal. I am tired, still have the odd twinge, my mouth still aches and I have random odd tingles in the palms of my hands, but definitely better. I am not going to say it was fun, but now I know what I am in for the last 3 treatments...and bitch, please, we can do this thing :)

Sadly my tastebuds are shot, but what can ya do? Now that my mouth isn't so sensitive I am focusing on healthy and interesting textures instead. Certain acidic foods tastes nasty and burn, but for the most part I can still eat whatever I want which is nice. I am relying on J to let me know if things taste OK and plan to just work on healthiness.

Now I want to focus on what I *can* do and not on the negative. I have had my share of wallowing for a while and intend to make the best of what I can when I can. This is a Journey I have been given to walk and I want to learn from it. I firmly believe all things happen for a reason.…