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Slow and steady wins the race...or at least the cupcake

When I was in Vancouver, one of the guys I trained under with told me about a marathon he had run in in France - it sounded like my kind of marathon. He said every mile there was a rest station with a small glass of local wine and appetisers from that particular region. He also laughed and said that as the race went on, it got more and more casual, with people strolling more than running (don't want to spill your wine!) and some didn't even finish due to all the good cheer. I think it would be a fun way to spend a day and see the French countryside -not too serious!

Last night I finished some initial statistical work on part of my data. Man it feels good to have a few real numbers. Sure I then have to try and make sense of them to write about them but hey - I'll take it! It's a real start. Feels like all this work is FINALLY coming into something. Another night of not enough sleep, but 5 hours will just have to do. tomorrow I can sleep in. GLORIOUS :)

This AM I came in f…

crunchy yet satisfying

Last night I had a go at crunching data...confusing. There's just SO much data...I'm glad I'm meeting with a statistician today to go over stuff...I'm confused. It's tough to work all day and then come home and try and get things brain wears out and would rather just go to bed. Perhaps on the weekend I'll get some more done with a little break in between fror naps...
It turns out I accidentally turned our water heater down too much tuesday night - poor J got a cold shower yesterday. Oops. Heh. We fixed it...and I'm leaving the knob alone now. :)

This AM was spin and sculpt class, and I forgot my HR monitor, but worked hard. My knee is a bit stiff ,but still not angry with me...I think it was too many jumping lunges in the workout yesterday. I'll try and be nice to it tomorrow. My abs finally don't hurt from tuesday...whew! I have a tasty lunch and just inhaled my breaky and coffee, so I am off to the land of science to try and stay awake and…

food = ow

I experienced an entirely new uncomfortable feeling last night...I got home late late from work but was determined to make a nice meal so I took the time to make curried chic peas and cauliflower with quinoa and ate a bit too much of it...then as I felt overly full and a bit bloated, delayed muscle soreness set in from my hardcore workout in the AM - mostly ab soreness...heh. Ever had your abs pressed on from both sides simultaneously in an uncomfortable way? Let me tell did *not* feel cool.
I spent most of the evening trying to ignore my stomach as it got worse...actually wondering if I would be ill, and then actually hope I would to possibly feel better. I survived. My abs (top half particularly) are still very stiff this AM.
This AM I came in and did the warmup and wicked things workout again like last wednesday and pushed myself - did it all in about 35 minutes, and then followed it up with 20 minutes on the elliptical and a few ab exercises for the sides, a…


Last night I was the queen of grumpy. Muttered at the cats. Muttered at J. Had some leftover fried rice and chicken and later nibbled on some popcorn because I couldn't get my emotions on the level and was still hungry. I muttered at my corn and worked on my project. Still working on my data....meh. Tonight I believe that I will be DONE my data proofing, which I have trouble believing. I've been at it for WEEKS now...and I am starting to really hate it, so I'll be glad to move on a bit. I have meetings and work to do, as well so I need to get on it.

One of our dept's grad students defended her thesis yesterday and I missed her speech and the celebratory dinner, which I'm a bit miffed about. I was stuck helping a faculty member who, to be honest, is treating me like a personal assistant and not a tech. The student's project was an extension of something I'd started out so I'd wanted to be there. She passed with flying colours and I'm so proud of her -…

Quick post

No time to dally. Here to log quick...came in for workout this AM - workout A + 28 minutes on stairmaster and abfest. Healthy lunch (mmm... homemade borcht and a bun and apple).
Gotta run!

Kale chips rock

I made kale chips last night for J and I to nibble as we (finally!) got a chance to sit down and watch a few episodes of Game of Thrones.
We put some sea salt and pepper on some torn up, olive oil sprinkled kale and baked it until it was crispy but not brown at 350 for ~15 minutes, flipping halfway. I sprinkled a bit of sour cream flavour on at the end. MAN they're good. Totally unlike anything I've ever had before...healthy crunchy snack. Gotta love it! I will definitely be making them again.

Today I'm hanging out with the plumbers, working on my grad stuff. Neither I nor them got much done yesterday afternoon since there was a 4 hour power outage yesterday. They couldn't finish the furnace and water heater...soooooo they're back to finish up. Hopefully it won't make it too much more $$...I'll just be glad to have hot water and heat again.

New hotness

Today is new furnace day. Goodbye money!
Ah will be nice to not worry about the furnace - it's VERY old and inefficient and the wiring is brittle. It's already cracked and arced once on us and actually made a hole in the furnace casing (luckily we were home so no real damage done)'s only a matter of time until it starts a fire...since replacing all the wiring is nearly the cost of a new furnace, we're moving on up to a more efficient one. I will be working at home while the workers do their thing. Hopefully all goes well and it comes in on quote.
This morning I crawled out of bed and drove in to the gym to workout to get awake for my day. Workout B + 26 minutes on the hill program on the stairclimber (200 calories - woo!) and my abfest. Now that I'm home I think I'll concoct up a big old smoothie for breakfast and try and get some work done while the furnace dudes do their thing. We shall see...

Hope you all have a great day and a great weekend !

Fake cupcake distraction

It took me a while to get working last night - I got distracted by a cupcake show. Don't judge me :D I loves me some good cupcakes. I love watching people make them. It's a leftover from being a baker for a few years...pretty edible things rock my world :)
When I got down to work I really got things done...and blinked and saw it was midnight, so I rewarded my self by watching the latest My Drunk Kitchen (makes me laugh so hard...), made lunches and bumbled off to bed, rather pleased with myself. Wish I'd started earlier...who knows what else I could have gotten done!
J got home much later after his show...he picked up a little treat for me - the new Moby CD. Squee! I wasn't exactly coherent when he arrived, so we'll have to listen to it tonight. I made myself go back to sleep and not wake up. As it was I only got~4 hours of sleep...but yet I feel OK for now. So far so good...
This AM I got up to go in for Spin and Sculpt. On a whim I checked the scale to see how my ha…

Revamping Wednesdays

Yesterday we didn't make it to Ferris Beuller's Day off - we went fro a walk by the river instead...and I feel better for it. Poor J - he shoots a weekly pet adoption segment for the local SPCA and there was a kitten last week that stole his heart after so many segments. He was working out how to foster the little guy until he found a home and was looking forward to playing with him and finalising the details and discovered when he went in today that the poor little thing had caught a respiratory disease and he was very glum. We walked away some of the glumness before I had to dive into work. Sweet husband I have...his heart is as big as the moon and as warm as bathwater. :)

This morning I thought I'd rearrange my workouts for the next my week will be like this now:
Monday - workout A + abfest + stair climber
Tuesday - Spin and sculpt class
Wednesday - New workout + abfest + elliptical for whatever time is left
Thursday - Spin and sculpt class
Friday - Worko…


I got up this AM after a late night of data work and came in to spin and sculpt class. Because she keeps each month the same I knew what to expect - the same workout as last tuesday, but today it was harder somehow. I worked my muscles to fatigue on all the sets...couldn't even do them all like last time, even with a reduced 12Lb bodybar that I had as backup for some. My thighs didn't ache after lunges which is good...I was more careful with my form. Near the end of the workout I was really pushing myself to the limit on some arm and ab much so that I started to feel very nauseus. So I backed off a bit. I haven't done that in a while...because I am not a fan of that kind of feeling -I do not like to ever push myself to that point - it doesn't benefit me (it takes a LOT for me to get ill so I know it's too much if I get there). A drink of water and some stretching and I'm OK, but it was a very exhausting workout.
I certainly earned my chia overnight oat…

Naps are good for the soul

Friday I was beat, so I went home and decided to crash for a nap...and slept 2 hours! I really was that tired I guess - J tiptoed around so I could sleep as long as I needed to. It sure helped - I felt like a human being again. I spent the evening with J and the day was much nicer after that :)
This weekend I didn't get quite as much work done on my MSc as I'd hoped, but I spent a bit of it spending some time with J and going out for a long walk by the river...things I haven't been able to do in a while. Slept as much as I could. To sort of psych myself up for the insanity to come. I think I'm ready now for the work to come...I think :)
This morning I came in to do my workout A with abfest and 28 minutes on the hill program on the stairclimber. I'm liking's a challenge, but I went up 148 floors today...201 calories -not to shabby. No problem for my knee at all and makes me sweat buckets. I discovered some new workout tunes this weekend too...I do like the…


I am tired today. I have lots to do and then must dash home early so I can meet the furnace dude who is coming next week to install our furnace. We have to pick out our furnace and he can tell us how much crap (please dear god not all of it) we have to move up from the basement. I have tonnes of work to do on the weekend and it's daunting. I feel like throwing a 2 year old tantrum -I don't wanna! :)
I did come in to workout this AM tho - workout A plus abfest plus 26 minutes HIIT biking and I'm in for the day. Last of the bento for lunch.

I was craving pie last night but instead I made a pie smoothie...which is a lot healthier, and less calories. It had pumpkin, pie spice, frozen bananas, some oats, vanilla protein powder, almond milk and some ice in it. Slightly less calories than a real piece of pie for a huge glass of yum...I really just should have had some tea, but sometimes...well...yeah. Food and I go way back. Sometimes it's a real struggle...especially when I ju…

Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

At Charlotte's request - Recipe posted on my recipe blog...enjoy :)

Come on you magellans, come with me I've got pie...

Yesterday was foodorama. But in a good way. It was AWESOME. I made pumpkin oat muffins, and then used my new bento stuff to make a healthy supper. I made sticky sushi rice seasoned with sushi vinegar and a bit of saki to made lots of little shaped rice balls - triangles, rods...even flowers. Very cute :) I steamed up some veg and made some ginger sesame flavoured chicken to go with it and WOW...delicious. I have a bento box of leftovers packed for my lunch today...I hope the rice balls keep. It was fun, and honestly took only 5 minutes more than regular rice...J tried them when he got home from a shoot and liked them too, so I'll definitely be doing it more often.

I also made pumpkin pie spiced overnight chia oats for breakfast (from Oh She Glows)...1/4 c pumpkin, with a 1c almond milk, 1/2 c oats and 1 1/2 T chia, a splash maple syrup and molasses and a 1/4t pumpkin pie spice and a little stevia. It was like pumpkin pie pudding. Only it was my breakfast. Oh my.
Yeah it's like t…

cramps de jour

This morning my quads or arms didn't hurt until the end of my workout, which surprised me, as they sure hurt yesterday after class from the lunges and armwork with the 15Lb weight bar in class. I wasn't sure if I'd be in today at all since last night I spent a few hours curled up in a ball with some of the worst abdominal cramps I've had in long long time...J was very concerned when he got home late from work...thankfully they let off around midnight so I could get a bit of sleep. This AM I woke up right before my alarm, so i figured it meant I should come and workout. I count myself lucky that I don't get cramps often...
And I had a decent workout - my workout B (minus the quad machine I usually do in it, since my quads were tortured the day before) and an added set of cable rows. I varied up my abfest a bit, using dumbells for the obliques instead of side crunches and I didn't do any cartwheel crunches, since I'd done a whack of them yesterday in class. Ad…


Last night J and I went out and stocked up on healthy food. Not the most exciting evening, but all there was was bachelor chow since I haven't been home much for a few weeks! I have my chia overnight oats with nectarine in it this AM - I threw in a bit of low fat greek yogurt to bulk up the protein. Yowza - it's so thick...yum. Not sure if I'll do it all the time, but variety is a good thing :)
This AM I did the spin and sculpt class...and wow. My quads ACHE as I'm sitting here right now...after I foam rolled them after class. Yeah - I think she's taken a few comments to heart because she's definitely ramped class up a bit - she definitely kicked my ass this morning...some of the tricep dips and lunges I had to rest during as I chose a 15Lb body bar in a fit of zealous fitness fury and it was a bit too high for some moves-I just couldn't finish them no matter how hard I tried. At least I know I had a thorough all over workout this morning...hope my quads let…


Well, I'm back again :)
I had a great weekend in Vancouver. I lucked out with my hotel and was told I was a few blocks from the ocean, so I got up friday morning (after being picked up at the airport in a silver Miata -bwaha!) and went for a 40 minute jog along the waterfront before my all day training session. It was FANTASTIC. The weather in Vancouver was sunny and amazing the whole time I was there and I had a great time.
...and friday I had sushi twice :)
Saturday I hung out with family and was good foodwise until the snacks came out. Eep. Something about being on holidays and me and snacking...there was pear cider and raspberry ale too. I tend to just ignore everything when I'm on a holiday. Sunday before I left we went for what has to be the best dimsum I've ever had, complete with mango coconut bubble tea. He heh. I love dimsum...and this was supremely incredible on every level, complete with a trip after to the giant 3 floor chinese $2 store - where I got a bunch of s…

Pit Stop

Well I'm home for a day. Whew! This AM after being up late after getting home from visiting my Dad, unpacking, doing laundry and repacking for Vancouver I came in to workout before work. I wasn't feeling great (tired) so I did the spin and sculpt class this morning. A solid workout. Could have been a bit harder, but it was a good overall workout...good for me. I'm still a bit sore from my bootcamp run at the lake so I don't think I could have done too much more this AM.

On the weekend at the lake J and I went for lots of long walks and we didn't eat too badly (other than some delicious wine...ahem), but it wasn't until tuesday morning I got in a super hardcore workout up there. I did my own mini bootcamp and then went for a 3Km jog/walk after. I didn't run the whole way, but as much of it as I could...the weather was gorgeous. I had to go out for a run through the forest. I loved every minute...but oh did I ache the next day! My knee was forgiving and isn…

Stairmaster 101

This morning I was up and in to workout after a lovely relaxing evening. I did my workout B with abfest and then thought I'd try something new - the stairmaster. I don't think I've ever used one since I tried getting in shape years ago way back in university. I recalled not liking it then, but I didn't like exercise at all back I figured I'd give it another chance - I want to find something else to do other than my cardio on the bike (ho hum) after weight training. I figured since I've built up enough muscle strength around my knees now, as long as I'm careful with my form, this should not cause a problem. I put on some good tunes and tried a hill program and at first I thought "well this isn't very hard"...and then it got harder....and by the end of the 27 minutes I'd burned 180 calories (as much as I would have on the bike), had my heart rate WAY up there and was dripping I guess it was good for me! My legs feel a b…

There's something about Mimi

It was Mimi's (the awesome boot camp instructor's) last spin class this morning. I thought I'd take it to push myself. Whew! She does a lot of different things that really break it up - and challenge you to push yourself. This morning I gave it my all and had a real solid workout. Bonus is she always ends the class on time so I had time for my pushup challenge (40! Woo! Yes lots of those were girly but still!) AND a nice long shower and doing my's J's birthday today so I'd like to look nice :) I haven't had longer hair in about 6 years and so I'm relearning how to style it again now that it's past my shoulders again. I didn't really know what to do with it before, so this is all new to me!
I'm so glad J has taken the day off work just cuz it's his birthday and will be relaxing at home and reading and doing whatever pops into his head today. I left him in bed wih the cats and breakfast in bed and his present (I've had it sin…