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I am normal!

Well, I stepped on the scale this morning...and the world is not ending. I weigh 59 kilos. That is 0.5 kilos up from last time...about 1 Lb. Random. I am not concerned. I'm embarrased to admit I am very relieved. Essentially I'm the same as I was 3 weeks ago. It has reaffirmed that I only need to do this monthly to keep from slowly drifting upwards and not obsess...because honestly, I feel the same. Unless I go up more above 60 kilos I'm going to just keep on steady as she goes and not think of changing. If my clothes fit the same and I look basically the same I imagine I should weigh toughly the same too. Go figure. It was nice for the world to confirm this to my brain though. Very nice. So take that scale...I can do this on my own thank you very much!

I had a much nicer weekend this one and got in some vegging as well as hard work on my MSc, as well as a night out with my husband. I ate healthy with a few glasses of wine and felt ready to jump back into the week. I also d…


Last night was a long evening. A cold cold day too: -31. To celebrate getting thru it all, J and I figured we'd order chinese from a new place. It took waaaay too long (didn't arrive until 8:30) and when it did it was someone else's order...heh. Whoops. Thankfully I liked all of it. There was a lot of shrimp which J doesn't like, but considering a lot of it was mystery stuff, I picked out the seafood and it turned out to be OK. Only the odd face from J. We get credit on our next order, so it's all good...
This morning I was up and in to workout. I could really feel what I did yesterday, so I modified my lower body workout, seeing as I already did some of those muscles yesterday. I still got a lot in and did my abfest too. The gym was a bit late opening, so my cardio was just 20 minutes. I ramped up the treadmill to 4% and had a felt good.
Now I'm in on another freezing day to get things done in the lab. It's another weekend of MSc stuff, but I…

slowest swimmer ever

Last night I made homemade falafel. It was the bomb. Mmmmm. If you've never made it at home, I found a baked version that is a little less crunchy but SO. Good. I have a few left to go with my lunch salad. Mmmm...

This morning I was up and into the gym - very excited as the pool was open again. The gym opens half an hour before the pool does, so I thought I'd use the time to try out some new stuff I've been eyeing up at the gym, seeing as it's holiday week and the gym is completely empty (it's so nice to not fight for stuff). I found the various step up boxes and did 3 sets of raised knee step ups and some front/back lunges off of the 20 inch box with some 8 Lb weights. Then I did some sets of leaning over one legged dead lifts and tried out what I think is one of the coolest things - the smith machine. It's wicked, because if you're clumsy (like me) and tend to have a bad knee or hurt yourself (like me) or aren't good at balancing weights for squats and…

Solitary workouts are my thing I think

I'm glad I work with cool people. There are a few people on my floor who go to the campus gym at the same time I do. We smile and say hi...but that's it. And I have found that I like it that way. When I work out I zone out. It's my time to be alone in my head and sweat and push myself. Often I'm planning my day, working through projects or venting off steam. With others around I get self conscious and I don't like to talk to people when I work out other than the odd smile or hello. I don't workout as hard if I'm talking. Plus...well it's just kinda weird. I'm there to sweat...
If I take a *class* that's another thing - that's a social time. Spin class or bellydance I like the interaction. Weights and sweat times? Not so much.

Quick workout log on my way to the lab -This morning I came in for 35 minutes on the arc trainer on intervals and then my abtastic fest. I feel fantastic and I'm off. Gotta run!

My mamma used to say: crazy is as crazy does

This weekend was a long weekend. I am glad there was an extra day in there because I truly needed it. What began as a rather hideous weekend, ended up quite alright, although I wasn't sure to begin with.
Saturday, after a late night of working, I awoke early to a giant painful kink in the neck and the thought of working ALL day on my MSc. I had some breakfast and grumpily went in to work, with my neck throbbing in pain. I did everything I had to, but even driving (shoulder checking...ow...) hurt. I was miserable. It was when I came home and lipped off to my husband and ranted at him, when all he'd done was come to give me a hug to welcome me home that I realised I needed to take it down a notch, and start again. I'm generally *not* that kind of person. The look on his face said it all. I needed to calm down.
So - I did. I apologised, took some painkillers, and then made a drink and made some mini quiches for a potluck we were going to in a half an hour (rush rush rush...).

fridays are fantastic

It's Friday. Thank frog.
It's been a long week. I still have to work tonight and tomorrow (sigh) on my MSc but at least have a friend's birthday Saturday and Sunday is declared to be restful. I could use a break. And I'd love to see that guy I married a while too :)
This morning I got up and was in to the gym to do my lower body work, ab work and 30 minutes on the exercise bike. I wasn't really thrilled to be there, but I did it, and in the end I'm glad to have gotten in my workout. I've got the February blahs and I want to hibernate and eat, so regular exercise is a must...otherwise I'll eat myself back up on the scale. I haven't been as good as I could lately with food, but it's a challenge some days. I just start over every day and take it from there. And so far, today has been great :)
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Ah. Snow.

We got a white dump of snow last night - about 8 inches...
This morning I got up a few minutes early and shovelled snow before I headed out on the bus. I didn't know if J would get to it before he left and I didn't want the mailman to die bringing us the mail. My arm still isn't good enough for full on weights, but it was OK with 10 minutes of shovelling fluffy snow. My husband was out on another late night so I figured I'd cover his snow duty.
Then it was in to the gym. It was a great tromp thru the snow to get there. One thing I love about being on a 6 AM bus is generally there's very little snow clearing yet before I head I get to wrap myself up like sausage and tromp thru it all like a little kid. Just me and the jackrabbits :). At the gym, since it's no arms for a while yet (and I figure shovelling was enough) I hopped on the arc trainer and thought I'd see how long I could go. Thankfully my knee gave me no complaints and I was on that puppy for…

sorry, must dash

This morning I was in to do 30 minutes on the treadmill with a fast walk at 2% incline, with all out 30 second sprints every 3 or 4 minutes. That and a whole lot of abwork and I feel great! Didn't do any planks as they aggrivate my arm ,but did the rest of "crazy ab day".
Must go. Much to do-just wanted to log this. Sorry, must dash! :)

Soon with all the splishing and the splashing

They finally finished repairing the pool! I can go swimming twice a week again, starting next week!
Crossing my fingers my arm will be good enough by then... image

"Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body"

Yesterday was really odd. I was so very tired all day (I didn't get much sleep so not too surprising), but I was also so very HUNGRY. ALL afternoon, even after eating. And it wasn't a hormonal or emotional hunger...a deep hunger -for some kind of sustenance that I was obviously lacking. I honestly felt like the Master in the season 4 finale of Doctor Who..."so very hungry"...

At first I wondered if it was emotional or tired hunger, so I tried to keep it subdued with tea and munched a few granola bars at work. I ended up stuck there late, so I only got home at ~8. On my way home I wondered if I just needed protein as the mix of tiredness (being too tired is proven to release the hormones that make you hungry) and my arm healing was just too I picked up one of those small ready roasted chickens and took it home. Then I settled in and I had a small potato and HALF THE CHICKEN. Yup. It was a lot of protein. And it was delicious. (and I'd like to add that unl…

Quick trip to the lake

I am very tired today. Long weekend and not enough sleep, but it was a good one.
I had a good weekend at my Dad's. I went through everything with him and he's rather nicely settled in now at the cabin as his home. It wasn't as much work as I feared, as he'd already done a lot but it still took us all day. He really needed a visit too, so it was nice to be able to help him and chase away the lonelies. I also got to make some yummy baked trout with riced potatoes, green beans and apple pie...he doesn't cook up a lot of fancy food for himself so it's nice to cook up a bit of the good stuff for him while I'm there. :)
J and I had hoped to get out snowshoeing on the lake (it was frozen and covered in snow and beautiful) but I just didn't have the juice after it was all said and done. We went for a brisk hour long walk on saturday as the weather was at ~0 and sunny and lovely, and that was enough. There was much lazying and snacking on sunday I admit. It was n…

Friday off

Ah. I get every fourth friday off work, which means I can sleep in a bit...and then come in and work on my MSc stuff. Whee. Actually it's not so bad. I like the hour of sleep I can snag and workouts are a bit less hectic, as I'm not under the gun to have to be at work at a specific time. Much less stressful. I came in and did lower body work together with 30 minuts on the bike and a bunch of solid ab work. I feel really good, and now I'm off for a quick coffee and breakfast before I get some work done. Then it's home time...
I'm off to help my Dad unpack in his new place'll be a long day, but it will be nice to see him for a bit. I'm glad I can help him out with little will feel good to know he's settled in, and I can leave him with some healthy baking before I come back.

But first, numbers to crunch and oh so exciting analysis to do.
Have a great weekend!

tired this morning

My arm, in the middle of the upper arm on the outside, is sore. Has been for 4 or 5 days. Don't know why...but I am trying to let it heal, whatever "it" is. It's sort of like a tendon thing where my shoulder muscle meets the bone mid-arm. Only hurts for certain things. So this AM I did upper body, but left out any exercises that made my arm hurt. After that and 30 minutes on the bike I'm in to work. Tired. I came very close to crawling back into bed this AM but I made it in. My husband was on TV live covering the local election and got home late and so I got up again when he got home and we talked all about it. I'm so proud of him! I didn't want to miss sharing a bit of that with him...BUT now I'm so tired :) Ah well. If you'll excuse me, I'm off for some coffee...

How to make a banana taste sweeter

Huh...I had mumbled on my other blog about weird comments about how much fruit I've been eating, and musing to some of my coworkers eating "all that fruit" fruit was evil.
But...Apparently it can be. Who knew?
I'm not talking about nutrition wise - sure they're higher in sugar so you have to keep a level on amounts, but there's more to it.

My friend Cindi has been on a quest the last few years to eat sustainably and cruelty free. It's a challenge, and she finds the more she knows the trickier, yet tastier and ultimately more rewarding she finds the food choices she makes for her family. My fruit post rang truer than I knew...turns out fruit can be evil, in a sense of ethical and fair trade.
Specifically: bananas. Apparently Dole and Chiquita both are unfortunately trampling on the rights and lives of those who cultivate and ship the bananas in developing countries where they grow. Ethical improvements, like not exposing workers to pesticides that are banned h…

Too easy- I call shenanigans

I was up and in on this chilly day for my ab day this seemed too easy.
I did 30 minutes at 2% incline, fast walking with HIIT sprints every few minutes, and before i knew it it was over. Weird. Then I did some solid ab work, and planks again and used the foam roller on my lower body to work out some kinks. This time I could only get up to 70 second planks per side. Tough things those planks :)

I'm pumped to try a few new things in the kitchen soon, as I finally got around to picking up some agave syrup last night at Costco. It's supposed to keep your blood sugar from spiking, so I'm curious to see if it really does that for me in baking. I have a few recipes with it I've wanted to try. I really don't go much for sweet things, so I find sugar really hits me when I indulge, so I'd like to know I have a bit more of a balance to things.

I also have some curried goat inside a hollowed out squash from a friend of mine to try for supper tonight. He said to b…

HIIT biking and curry. A great combination...

Last night I had a bit of a panic...I never weigh myself at night but in a fit of stupidity I did...after a long day with much liquid and after a healthy but large meal. Dumb. I freaked as I seemed to have gained 4 Lbs...which this AM were mostly gone, but it freaked me out a bit. So this morning I decided no more scale until March 1. Because really - if I'm working to gain muscle and be healthy I may gain a pound or two,. I'm trying to go by how my clothes fit and how I feel. And quite frankly - not to brag, but I think I look pretty damn good today :) I'm going to just use the digital one at the gym once a month to keep myself from drifting too far. I know I weighed 58.5 kilo Feb.1, so I'm aiming to be around the same on March 1st. It's all doable. And far less crazy making.

I like non-crazy...

This morning I was up and in the gym to do lower body work and 30 minutes on the bike. I did HIIT interval biking this morning. It's been a while...whew! What a rush :…

*blink* where did the weekend go?

Wow - what a busy weekend. My supervisor was in town from Toronto so I spent most of the weekend working on MSc stuff with her before she flew home sunday. Thankfully J and I got time together in the morning on sunday for french toast and mango sauce (mmm...I love homemade fruit sauce) and then I was back after supper as well so we could spend some time together. I wish I'd had a bit more free time, but it is what it is. I got a lot of important work done and know where I'm going with my next steps in my project and I got to sleep in on sunday :)

I'm curious to see how a month of intuitive eating works for me. I've just eaten reasonably when I felt hungry lately, and stuck to healthy things and I feel fine. I weigh the same, so I think it's a good thing to be doing. I find I'm thinking about food less, which is my main goal.

This morning I was up and in to the gym to workout. I did my upper body and ab workout. My left arm is a bit stiff, so I lowered the weigh…

Dim Sum!

I'm so glad it's friday. I'm excited to learn but dreading that I have a training conference all day tomorrow (boo) and have to work on my MSc a lot too sunday (meh) but this week has just flown by in a whirl of busy and tiredness. Having reading to do is so more consuming than I'd thought and it's really hard to read when you're tired (I jsut read the same page over and over with my head bobbing up and down). Plus things keep coming up out of the blue for me to do and deal with at home so the time I keep setting aside to do reading keeps getting eaten up. In the end though, the main thing is I have not slept or seen my luv enough. He has been wonderfula nd sweet, but I have missed time with him. Soon...sunday will come. Here's to pancakes and naps...part of that day is ours. Everyone else can just go away for a few hours.

This AM I was up and in to work out and did my lower body work and some abs work. I was able to do a few more lunges this morning which w…

Naptime makes it all better

It's positively tropical out now compared to the last few days. It's great! Last night I kept nodding off doing readings for my assignment so I just gave up and went to bed early. Man...the extra sleep was nice. I feel much better today.

This morning I was in and did my upper body workout and then 30 minutes on the bike. I upped the tension from 3 to 4 today. It all felt great and I stuck with the 12.5 dumbells. They'r enot girly so I feel all strong when I use them. Hee hee. Aaaaaaaand - I'm up to 2x12 reps of bench-pressing an empty bar. Wohoo! It may seem silly, I know it's just an empty bar, but I love how it feels to do that. I never thought I could ever do it and honestly -I've never felt more strong than when I do that. My goal (and I'm getting a random stranger to take a pic that day I swear!) is to bench-press a bar with actual weights on it! I don't care if it's just 5 Lb extra - I'll be grinning from ear to ear for days when I do that!…

75 seconds!!

This morning it's still chilly, but a lot more bearable.
Last night was grocery night. We try and get most things for the month all at once (10% off day!) and we focused on all really healthy food. (MAN is it expensive to eat healthy) We are now all stocked up on super healthy delicious foods. I have cottage cheese with pineapple and blueberries for breakfast again. Oh. Yum.
Today was ab/core day. I did my ab workout as usual and tried planks again...I could only make it up to just over 75 seconds...that was all I had. I'm going to challenge myself to be able to do a 2 minute plank by the end of March. I tried to do a workout on the arc trainer but it started to bug my knee after 10 minutes so I switched over to the treadmill for the rest of the time and put in a few 30 second sprints. My knee feels fine now and I feel great.
It's another busy one today, so I'm off.
Have a great day :)

It's a cold one

It's been a busy day! Haven't had time to pop in until now.

This AM I braved the stupid cold to come in to work out. It is the coldest day yet this winter: -41 plus some wind. Oh yeah...frostbite season. I had 2 pairs of pants plus all my winter gear and a balaclava on my face to head out to the bus stop...thankfully all the buses were on time. I'm amazed every winter we all just go about as business as usual when it's like this. If you're dressed well you're toasty, but I certainly wouldn't travel any distance in this's too dangerous to be stuck outside in it for too long. And to think it was +4 last week. This province is mad...Thankfully this extreme only lasts a day or so here and there in Jan and Feb- it's supposed to warm up into more civil temps by the weekend.
I did my lower body workout today and was pleased that my knees were happy with both lunges and bulgarian one legged squats today. It seems it is when I add extra weight tha…