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I'm seeing how many calories can be burned going up and down and up and down up and down and up and down up and down and up and down up and down and up and down up and down and up and down up and down and up and down up and down and up and down up and down and up and down up and down and up and down a ladder with a paintbrush and paint scraper...

I'm priming and painting the trim and siding on my house. It's taking a while as the time I booked off to do this was rainy the whole time so I'm picking away at it now after work before sunset, much to the entertainment of my neighbors.

Painting burns calories right? :)

Good times

I had a great weekend at the lake...even tho it rained saturday morning (complete with thunder and the whole bit) by the evening it was clearing up with a lake as calm as glass. We went for a few hikes once the rain stopped and then went out for a nice 2 hour canoe ride after supper (BBQ steak...mmm...). When we got back it was time for the last of the peach pie...YUM :)
Sunday it was gorgeous out so we got in a fishing trip (we all caught our limits!) and some swimming in the lake. The lake was very cold, but we were quite stubborn and swam for about half an hour after which we came in teeth chattering for some rum and coffee. Then a quick family meal and it was back home, jiggety jig. We got to play with our new camera this weekend (which is waterproof) which was cool...once I figure out how to get photos OFF it I'll post a few on my other blog.
It was over far too quickly. But it wasn't such a food fest like it normally is. I've found trips at the lake are a bit better no…

All that and a piece of pie

Well my pie filled world is slowing down finally. The fruit we brought back from BC was made into pies, which I and my family have been eating for a week or so. I have also gotten the cold J had last week, but it's my own fault - I kept sneaking kisses from a sickly guy...what are ya gonna do? I'm just going to medicate myself up and have a good weekend regardless...

This weekend we are heading up to the lake to visit my parents...I've saved a peach pie to take up for them and I'm looking forward to a weekend of swimming and hiking and BBQs (I have some steaks to take along...yum). I'm bringing up my snorkel and flippers...I can't wait to swim around the lake with J - since he's learned to swim a few years ago it's been great sharing all these things I've enjoyed doing since I was a kid with him...I'm hoping that someday he'll be comfortable enough under water that we can go somewhere and snorkel at coral reefs. We'll see. For now it'…

Mayday Mayday!

Yesterday was a gong show.
My hunger of ridiculous proportions lasted ALL DAY. This is rare for me, but I didn't handle it too well. At work was fine, as there was only the food I'd brought with me...When I got home I'd hoped a BBQ'd burger and some homemade potato salad would help...I still craved (and ate) popcorn when we went out to a movie later. All in all not a disaster, but I didn't like it.
There is nothing like feeling hungry all the time. Even after you've just eaten. It was ridiculous. I'm glad this doesn't happen to me every month or I'd undo my entire month's work of sanity each month.

I stepped on the scale this AM and it turns out I weigh the same as ever so I know I haven't done anything irreversible, and I am fine. I just do not like feeling out of control of myself like that. It was very unsettling. Like an addiction almost...not cool.

Thankfully this morning I awoke to normality. A little bowl of miniwheats and some coffee and…

This munchie attack has been brought to you by the letters P, M and S

It's 11 PM and I can't sleep. My brother has given me a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies so I'm looking forward to reading that in bed. BUT, you see, I am so hungry I could gnaw off my own arm and slather it in tartar sauce. After trying to ignore it I have found that I can't so I must have a bit of *something*. I as a rule NEVER eat in bed unless it's room service in a posh hotel on holiday....which leaves me no choice in dealing with my truly ignorable hunger cravings but to be surfing the web in my kitchen while eating rice crackers dipped in salsa and fat free sour cream to try and make my stomach stop growling so I can get to sleep.


I'll try and keep the damage to a minimum :)

Whoosh! I'm back!

Sooooo..I'm back.
Didja miss me?
Say you did :)

I was off in beautiful British Columbia near the mountains by Nelson, camping.
Ubercamping really...some friends rented a super hugeass RV and let us tag was fun on a bun. I'm spoiled for regular camping now-we had our own bathroom...and a fridge and stove...and a shower. Awha? So decadent :) Add to that mountain streams, hiking and lots of great times with friends. It was fabulous. While there we stopped in at a music festival and danced our pants off and even stopped in at an orchard for a bunch of fruit on the way back home. Popped in for the afternoon at Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, an international heritage site (very interesting) on the way home. Oh yes - fun AND educational we are! :) I'd post some pictures but some asshat stole my camera bag...ah well...c'est la vie. I had such a great time I dont' mind too much. It was 7 years old and starting to malfunction, so now I have an excuse to get a new one :…