Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Safety First

I've been helping a friend with a cool but ultimately doomed project every evening this week. He's throwing a post-apocalyptic gathering with dance music, drumming and it should be rather cool. We are making decor from drift wood, metal, wire, feathers and old electronics. The only problem is he is determined to have it this weekend when not a lot of people can come and unfortunately there won't be too many people at it, and a lot of people who'd like to help out aren't here either. Plus it starts at 11 and the doors are only open until 12 and then it goes until 6 am. He's trying to create a "mood" and I admire what he's trying to do...I just fear that there will be a small attendance. I have a feeling he's gonna lose out money on it and it could be so much more if it were another weekend, but we're trying to help him achieve his vision for the event despite it all and enjoy the process. I don't know how the party itself will be but I've had a blast making decor and little art installations to go around the venue. Seriously good stuff being made here. We've been giggling that some people get grants to do this kinda thing for a living and...there will be photos of what a society surviving the ashes would do to decorate their world that rises from the would be so great to just make art all the time. Full time artists...I envy you.

And so I am tired.
How tired?
I'm drinking coffee. With caffeine.
I know. But it's necessary.
Only 2 more weeks of crazy busy summer and it lets off a bit. I can tidy out my house and just relax and read and make things. All this crafting has been good for the soul and I want to make things in my own craft pit. There are bookshelves in it to paint so they can get out into my living room so I have space - both in my room and in my living room for stuff. I haven't been home and not busy enough to do anything with them since June. And I have a few renos to do around the house before my surgery...which has been pushed back to November (sigh).

And so....step 1. Coffee and work.
Then we shall see what else comes of this fine sunny day. I say the first yellow leaves of fall on my walk to work today. My favourite season is coming.
That'll do for now :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dad hugs cure everything

Spent the weekend with Dad.
There was much napping and cooking lazy food, dominoes, catching up with old friends and even a mushroom hunt in the woods. I worked with Dad in the shop on a few things and just enjoyed his company.
I was frazzled. Now I feel so much better. :)
Sadly J felt crummy all weekend but at least he got to curl up and nap in a beautiful place.
Get your dose of hugs and nature today :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

And then all the lab equipment broke.

OK actually only 3 things. But still.
Just one at a time please. Get in line.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Heeeeeeeere's Geo!

I'm back :)
What an awesome holiday - I feel like I've been away for months. First day back at work was spent catching up on old stuff and putting out fires, but not too crazy. I think it'll all be OK :)

There was much fringing when we could (saw some great plays) and Connect was a lot of fun. Really small and cozy and only 3 hours away. J even got to VJ at the main stage for over 4 hours of visuals during the headliners so he was very happy. I relaxed with more friends there than I thought would be there and came home quite happy too.
Then it was off to Ottawa. What a blast. The "house" we stayed in was on sale for about a million dollars...anyone have a spare million for me? I could very much get used to that life. We all fit in there and there was a 2 acre yard with trampline, 2 shaded decks, a giant hammock and a pool for us all to hang out in as well as a gloriously large main house area with a kitchen for us to all BBQ and visit in. SUCH a good time catching up with family. It's been too long. Then once everyone went home J and I did what we love to do best on holidays - found a central jumping off point and then spent 4 days walking around the city seeing historical sites and architecture, heating amazing food and just doing whatever we damn well pleased. There was a free outdoor video presentation at the parliament buildings which was awesome. On our anniversary we stumbled upon a Burmese restaurant that had some INCREDIBLE food and we wandered over to the Ottawa Riverside at the National History Museum to watch Belguim's contribution to the fireworks festival. It was all just great. The kind of holiday I love...the kind of life I love.
The day after I got back we had a spa day with my friend Heather and her 2 sisters - her hubbie wanted to give her a night out to relax and he rented us  a room so after manicure and pedicure we went out for a great meal and they yakked with beer until the wee hours - she even got a whole night of sleep. Yup...pretty stellar really. I've never been to a spa was pricey but feet feel amazing now :)

And now...back to normal life. Ah. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I do at the zoo

Just got back from phase 1 of holiday 2015. It was lovely. J's cousin got married in Calgary at the zoo and it really was a wonderful time. The wedding went great and we stayed with my sister and her husband so we got in a visit with them too. Since it was at the zoo I even got to go and watch the penguins (meep) between the ceremony and the hooray.
we clean up pretty good
 Now we're back home for a few days before we head out for the weekend to the Connect music festival. It's only a few hours away but we've never been. Usually we're doing the Fringe festival thing but this year J is working at one of the festival stages so he is going up early today and I'm heading up with a friend on friday. Should be fun. We can still get in some shows next week, so we won't miss out completely. An old aquaintance of ours, T.J. Dawe, is doing his thing at the Fringe this year and is in town staying with us for a few weeks as a billet. He's keeping an eye on our critters while we are away which is nice. Plus he's a great guest - and he's just an amazing guy J got to know during his years covering the past Fringes. TJ's one man plays are really some of my favourites that I've ever seen at the Fringe...if he's ever doing his thing at your Fringe go and see him - you won't regret it. It's been nice catching up with him. Kindred spirit, definitely.

But I must say that for right now,  once J is on his way, I'm going to go get in some Xander time and laugh up the evening with Heather and nuzzle ze bebe.

Yup. I like holidays :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I've just got to put these wings to test....

It's an Annie Lennox kinda day. She's one of my diva heroes...I've
been humming old Eurythmics tunes all day and am now onto her greatest
hits as I work away here on SOPs and the last of the documents before I
get to go on holidays for a few weeks.

I can't wait.

This last week I've been working on doing the Bodyrock 21
day beach bootcamp and it's been a good challenge so far. 30 seconds
work and 10 seconds rest is something I can get into. The workouts are
less than 30 minutes so I can fit it in my morning without too much
fuss. I'm determined to be as active as I can until my surgery in
September. Still don't have a date set yet. Hope to know soon...Then I
can start psyching myself up for it.

For now it's just keeping my head down to get all this stuff done and I can go away and relax for a while with my family.



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

To flap or not to flap. That is the question.

I just had a follow up appointment this morning with my plastic surgeon. I thought it was just to check in with him about what we'd talked about previously and get clearance to book my recon surgery in september. It was a strange meeting. After looking at my chest again he felt that although I have healed up well my radiated skin might not be robust enough to survive the surgeries and expansion and that there is a risk that that whole route might end up with me having to have it all undone and then try another surgery. I can't do a flap surgery from my abs or butt (since I'm pretty healthy he heh...the first time it's been a bad thing to be thin and healthy) but apparently they can take some of my latissimus muscle from my back and move it forward to my chest to create a pocket to put a small expander and eventual implant into and take a piece of skin from my back and use it to rebuild my breast so that it should stretch out better and be healthier. It's called latissimus flap breast reconstruction surgery. There is a 95% chance that this would work very well and be quite natural looking....except for the scar it would leave on my back, but it would be a straight line along where the bra strap sits, so I'm trying to make my peace with it. There are other back muscles that work to support your back and shoulder so I wouldn't be significantly weakened by it all...just might not be able to play tennis or row in a boat...
I'm trying to make my peace with it. I was all gung ho and ready to book in for my expander and eventual swap out - as frustrating as it will be for the whole process I was ready mentally to get that all going. Now it's a more major surgery and I have to stay overnight after...but in the end it should work out to be a good result. Total recovery time is about the same, just more pain since there's two sites and not one that they are working with. Ugh. Still...the more I look at it I feel like I would be too vain to try and do the original way and end up having it fail  just to save a scar...and it's not like I'm not scarred already. Plus, apparently flap reconstructions look much more natural too, so if I'm going to do this I would like to have it look as good as possible. I'm just sitting here at work on my break trying to wrap my head around it. I should hear in a week or so what my surgery date is. If the scars bug me later I'm planning a beautiful tattoo to wrap around from my back across my chest. I plan to do this on my terms.
On the plus side, and on a totally different topic, I just learned that there is going to be a live reading of the Welcome to Nightvale podcast in Edmonton on my actual birthday in October...he heh. SO I'm getting J and I tickets and we're going to make a birthday weekend of it and go visit friends and see it. I have really been enjoying the podcast and on our recent road trip we listened to a few and J is now a fan as well. Should be a fun way to celebrate my birthday.

Anyhoo...should go get some work done. I feel like I've slacked a lot since I was away for my appointment but I after a talk with J on the phone I just had to get this out from rolling around in my head so I can concentrate on what I'm doing. Thanks interweb peeps.
Later taters.