Monday, September 15, 2014

The one where Geo jumps back into her life with a smile

Hiya. It's been a while hasn't it? Sorry about that.
Life has been full and fun and good and I've just been busy :)

Burning Man was beyond fabulous and now that I'm back home we are spending a few weeks trying to get the playa dust out of everything we took there. I've been doing some fall canning and starting back to work part time. It's been just over 1 week back and it's so nice to be back. I admit it would be nice to stay off, but everyone has been so nice to me, especially when I've been back that it is a joy to be back here...even tho there is so much to do. Ah well...bit by bit it will come. We had a real holiday...the first one in almost a year where we just...well...had a holiday. Nothing to do with me or work or being sick...just fun. It was awesome.

Burning man was like going on a camp holiday to another planet. That's a salt flat desert. With naked people. And free drinks. And art everywhere. And nice hot weather. And flaming octopi. And...And...yeah. Pretty hard to describe it to be honest. I can't even describe how much fun we had. The drive down there and back was a great time too. I love travelling by car in the US...everyone is so friendly (and you can buy cider at the gas station - I'll never get used to that...). J and I just got to spend time together and relax and he had probably the best birthday of his life out there in the desert. J's parent's leant us their vehicle to drive down so we didn't have to worry about vehicle problems and we really enjoyed their posh tripmobile (Ford Flex's are awesome...they hold so much STUFF...and they're kinds pimpin too...). When we got back we said goodbye to our old well loved but rust bucket protege and traded it in for a nice 2012 low milage Mazda 3. It has heated seats, no rust AND, more importantly, it has a working suspension and the hatch even holds itself up without a piece of 2X4! (Ooh! Ah! Such luxury!)) I loved our 2002 yellow car but it was falling apart and needed about 4K of work done to we took that and put it towards this newer one. It's so nice to have a reliable car again. We even got a decent trade in on the screaming yellow madness, so we were able to send her off without regret. Our new car isn't yellow (it's white) but that's OK. It is reliable and will keep us going for many years to come :)

This weekend was make stuff weekend. I have a friend with an apple tree and crabapple tree in her back yard who is desperate to get rid of apples so she and I and another friend spent saturday making LOTS of pies to freeze and on sunday I gave in to my need to preserve things in the fall and spent all day canning up some peaches in light syrup, crabapple jelly, pickled dill carrots, hot pepper jelly and roasted garlic jelly. Some will be for christmas presents I think.  I still have two 5 gallon pails of crabapples to do something with. I believe a batch of wine will use up one of them...and I'm hoping my mum-in-law will take the other one. I actually have a blister from processing the bucket of apples I did yesterday to get my 15 cups of juice for jelly. I made lots of jelly! My mum used to make it and we've all eaten up the last of her preserves, so it'll be nice having some to give to my family. And eat. Nom. I have never made the garlic or pepper jelly before but I love pepper jelly so I'm hoping they'll both be tasty gifts and neat foodie things to try with roast chicken or pork. I still have a giant mint plant that I need to turn into something tasty in the next few days too...but hey.
For now, it's off for a walk in the sun and then a trip home to set up our camping gear in the back yard and hose it down and pack it up for another winter before a nice BBQ with some fresh brussel sprouts for supper. I hope you are all enjoying the fall and have been having a wonderful last few weeks. I sure have been :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

That one time at Womp Camp

Well tomorrow morning we set out on our 3 day trek down to Burning Man.
To say I am excited is an understatement.
We have lots of Doctor Who audio dramas and music for the trip and just got the last of our foods and gear and our old bikes are ready. Once we decided to go we got set and ready and it's cost lots (eep. trying not to think about it) of $$...but just this once we are going to go and have a great time. I am feeling really good lately, and just for once in a very long time we are going to go and see something new, cross it off the old "bucket list" and go be among the mad artists for a week.

Later taters...


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I grew up watching Mork & Mindy and watching Robin Williams in films and his comedy routines. I was really hit unusually hard by hearing the news that he took his own life, but not because of how much laughter he brought to my life. More because of how he died. You see, I'm married to someone who suffers from depression sometimes and have seen all to well how it can take over your life and effect how you think and feel about everything. Life looks different. You can't just "snap out of it" or think about something else or distract's not something I can even describe. Having not really experienced it myself (and being rather overly cheery myself most days) I really feel for people when they're in the depths of things. I wish Robin Williams had had someone there to talk him down and maybe be able to bring him's so sad to see such a talented life end. But I can see how it could happen.
So sad.

But on a much happier is our 14th wedding anniversary. After all these ups and downs I am so glad to be able to celebrate another year (and what a year it's been) with J. We've been through a lot in life...covered all of the vows really. We've done rich (well OK not poor), poor, sickness and health. We have a leisurely day to spend together...and I hope many more years to come. Who knows what's to come in the next year. I know we sure hadn't expected a year like the last one to come! I am excited about what this year will bring :) Hell, I am excited about another year!

Can I get a wohoo? :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Well hooray

 One of Carrie's glamourous woodland photos
Well we're back from camping at the music festival. We had a fabulous time. The music was top notch. It rained, but then it all dried up and the weather was great. No mosquitoes either...nice. I ended up catching bronchitis when I got back so I've been taking it easy here at home...may have done a bit too much, but it was great to get away with friends and just be normal. My friend Carrie kept doing impromptu diva photo shoots with us all so there are some goofy pictures. :)
It was so great to do a normal summer thing.

The part STILL isn't here for our Delica...but I'm hoping it will be fixed soon. The thing about owning a cool weird japanese vehicle is it takes cool weird japanese parts...that had to come all the way from Japan. Sheesh. J needs it for a job in 2 weeks so I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it'll be here by then. It's our camping van and J's gear hauling van so we need it back. It's been 3 weeks now...

I'm starting to scheme about September as well. If I can get a vehicle pass, then J and I can join with a camp that our friend is in and we'll just drive ourselves down the 2 1/2 day drive to get there. True, not what we wanted (I love road trips with lots of peoples) but we can still hopefully be I'm putting my energy into that. After that it's a few days of rest and then back to work for me. Crazy to think, but I can't really put it off much second week of September  it's back to work. I'm happy and sad about it. In a lot of ways I don't feel ready yet, but I don't know if I ever will...and with J now working freelance it's like one big long weekend here at home right now. It's nice.

It's Fringe Festival this week so we plan to see a few plays here and there (I'll try not to cough through them). I'm putting off doing some housework planning things on the internet. No it's not wasting time it's PLANNING? Right? :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Friends to the rescue

I really have awesome friends. (you guys are cool too)
A friend of mine has talked us down from wimblyville and we are back on track, at least for this weekend. We are heading up with them and are turning it into a road trip, and will split the gas and driving and will be camping with a group of friends. Yes we're sleeping in a tent and will have to not BRING ALL THE THINGS like we usually do, but it's turning into a fun thing again instead of a worry.
We are trying to join another camp for september as well, and I am crossing my fingers that perhaps that would work, and we could drive down with a few friends. That is a bigger unknown so we will see what happens with that later. It doesn't seem quite as hopeless tho... there's a month yet  so we will see what happens with that.
I should go get packing...

Monday, July 21, 2014


At the moment I would like to be happily preparing for a music festival, but we just learned our trip and camp for Burning Man in September fell through so our upcoming reward for getting through everything has just gone up in smoke. No ride down. Nowhere to be. Having never been before, driving down alone and camping in a tent in a desert is not a fun thought...the excitement has turned to stress and apprehension. I am extremely dissapointed. Yet, I do not even come close to how dissapointed J is. Being married to someone who suffers from depression is very frustrating... Lets just say the whole situation sucks and sucks all the joy out of getting ready for this festival, which it turns out will also be a headache because our camper van needs repairs so we have to figure out how to cram all we need into our old car that really needs replacing and I am wary to take through to the mountains. And hope our tent is still OK. And can we really afford it anyway if we can't camp like we're used to? And will we even enjoy it?
Yes my friends. It all pretty much sucks.
I'm trying to be positive and try to prep for our trip and make the best of it but I am wondering if it's worth going between the issues and the moodiness...
Life owes me dammit. This is not how it's supposed to go...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Extra Crispy

Hello! Just spent the weekend visiting my was lovely. Visited and ate too much and relaxed.

Question for you all...
J and I have decided to head to a music festival this weekend. Should be fun. It's one we've gone to for many many years and I am really looking forward to it. Money will be tight, but to go off and have fun and just enjoy ourselves and maybe even dance like a monkey under the stars will do me  a world of good I think. This is a huge part of what our summer is, and I really hope it all comes together...I'm still pretty burnt, but it's starting to heal (and itch and peel...gah). I now have brown patches amongst the burnt bits. It'll come...
I'm trying to think of nice summery things I can wear without being offensive. The thing is, usually when I camp I literally live in jeans/cutoffs and bikini tops but being rather crispy on one side at the moment I need to protect my skin from the sun (sunscreen would burn like hell right now) and not melt of it's too warm. Additionally, I'm still too burnt to wear a bra (tho I might be able to wear a soft sports bra in a few days) and want to cover up my burns (they look pretty nasty) on my right chest and armpit. Any suggestions appreciated. This also means it hurts too much to wear my foob at the moment, so it's all a bit awkward...I'm fine with going monoboob, but I never realized how much of my summer stuff is low cut or fitted, so I've not got a lot of choices here...
Any ideas for things or cover ups I can wear - especially for swimming? I'd love to go swimming in the mountain stream on site...and I only have 2 piece bathing suits. I will have to hunt for the one that looks the least strange with only 1 tata...or just wear a shirt I suppose...
On the plus side tho - my hair is juuuuuuusssssst long enough that I had it trimmed on wednesday so that it's all the same length now and it's looking very nice...very short, but weird tweedles anymore. Still abnormally short, but it's filled in well. Now I can go without a hat and it looks like I buzzed my head and am starting to grow it back, so at least I don't have to cover my head all the time if I don't want to. And I don't want to...altho I will have to sunscreen my head!