Friday, April 17, 2015

Fabulous darling...

Whoop! It's friday! Bring on the weekend.
My Dad is popping in for a visit on his way to Georgia this weekend and I have some plans to make some new tasty foods this weekend when I have some more time (tabouleh...yum...I've got some cool grains and lentils and a shwack of veggies). I'm also starting up some crabapple mead this weekend as well to get the rediculous amount of apples in my deep freeze out of there so I can do some food prep and start freezing meals and things in advance. Plus there is a family meal on J's side on sunday so it'll be a family and food filled weekend. I spent time last night cleaning the house a bit to prep it to visitor status so I won't have to look around and mutter at my messy house - I can actually use it and relax instead. I like! :)
This AM I did lower body work with some ab work and then made my cranberry green tea smoothie again and had a great sunny walk to work. The workout was three times through:
-15 deadlifts (2X10Lb)
-15 reverse lunges with torso twists (both legs)
-15 squats
-15 ballet reverse leg extensions
-20 but raises, hold and pulses a la Josie
-15 one legged deadlifts (2X10Lb)
-15 kneeling side fire hydrant leg raises
-15 kneeling reverse kicks
...with 20 sets of ball passes and 20 weighted ab rows (10 Lb) in between the sets.

I feel fabulous darlings!
Simply Fabulous .
Off to sciencetown and then...the glorious sunny weekend!
Have a fantastic weekend y'all!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nutella and Baileys

I just found a recipe for Nutella and Bailey's popsicles. It's a nutella popsicle (1/3 c nutella + 1 cup milk) only you swap out half (or all, he heh) the milk with Baileys.
Oh my gawd. Summer can't come too soon.
Turns out there's a whole lotta enhanced popsicles out there...seriously a lot...who knew?

cocoa and cranberries go well together

Quick log. Must dash.
This AM I did my upper body exercises along with some ab work and pushups between the 3 sets. I've upped my sets to 15 from 12. Then I had some oatmeal with cocoa and cranberries and walked the 2Km to work.
It's gonna be a great day :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Whoop there it is

This morning was DVD wednesday. I found workout 1 of Jillian's 30 day shred on BeFit's youtube channel (Really liking this channel for workout options) the other day and decided I would try that. I was a bit nervous, but I must say - I LOVED it. A challenge in some spots, but I did it - all of it. :)
It was the exact kind of workout I like - doing sets of compound exercises through for 30 seconds or 1 minute each movement and alternating with cardio chunks between sets of exercises. Nothing tough for the knees either -bonus...and I felt awesome after. I needed to use my inhaler midway through after the cardio, but I was able to keep going through it all with my 5Lb weights and feel really good after. Makes me want to pick up the entire DVD to see what some of the other workouts are like. I work harder when there is someone telling me what to do :)
For breakfast I made my new favourite smoothie. I tossed a handful of frozen blueberries, a handful of frozen cranberries, a handful of frozen kale, half a banana and ~1/4c of cottage cheese and greek yogurt in my blender with 1t of matcha green tea powder and stevia and enough milk to hold it together. YUM. Cranberries and green tea are one of my favourite flavour was a tasty breakfast to sip while walking to work listening to a Quirks and Quarks podcast. :) It's finally warm enough to wear my runners for walking to work and I can really feel the difference between them and winter shoes or dress shoes for walking that long (~2Km). I plan to get a new pair of runners this month since these ones are a few years old.
Now it's off to sciencetown.
Later taters!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

No hard core weightlifting for me

Today I tried to do some lower body work without stressing my knee. I had a cardiology appointment this morning so I didn't walk to work (and got to sleep in a bit muahahah), but I did get the following done:
3 sets of:
15 reverse lunges
20 deadlifts (20 Lb)
15 squats
20 butt raises and hold/pulses (from Josie's workout)
20 kickbacks on my hands and knees (birddogs??)
20 firehydrant side leg raises on my hands and knees

I also did 20 ball passses and 20 ab dumbell rows in between the sets and stretched out afterwards. Good stuff.

My cardiologist gave me the all clear for whatever cardio I wish to do and was quite happy I was exercising again. Sadly, the only thing I was told specifically not to do is (sigh) no heavy weight my plans to do more of that later at the gym are not allowed, but I can still work with dumb bells and body weight so I should still be able to do solid workouts. Kinda sucky, but I'm sure I'll be able to set up solid workouts without them. It's always good to hear that you're in good health. I know my home scale is accurate too which is a bonus. Not that I use it much, but it's goot to know it's not totally out to lunch...

At any rate, I have to go be Macguyver and fix a lab instrument so I'm gonna head outta here. Then I get an evening hanging out with my big brudder. Should be a nice evening.
Have a great day :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

What's the big deal about anchovies?

Had a really nice weekend. The northern lights were incredibly bright on friday night. J and I had a date night and after we went for a late walk and watched them streak across the sky. The pizza at the italian place was amazing...I had artichoke, peppers and olive with goat cheese one with a lemon cocktail. I even tried an anchovie (bleh). I just don't get the appeal. They aren't awful...they are just so overpowering...not what I want on a pizza.
Saturday I spent the day with Heather and we had a great day - brunch at Cora's and an afternoon of shopping and then an evening with her family sewing baby stuff and hanging out. I found a dress to wear to my summer weddings :) Sunday I did some painting and prepped some food for the week for my lunches and after some homemade curry and chapatis we settled in to watch the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special in 3D. Nifty. Nice way to end it all...
Now it's back to work.
Today I did my upper body exercises, some abwork and walked to work. I made a tasty blackberry banana and kale smoothie for breakfast with some cottage cheese. Yum. Today I have a lunch meeting at a place with a ginormous salad bar so I'm looking forward to that. >;)
Tonight I plan to go and get a new paint roller so I can get more painting done. The one I have is so old that the roller keeps coming off...I have never sworn so much while trying to prime a shelf in my life. Argh! I got primer everywhere and was coated in primer before I was done the unit I primed last night....what a gong show. Hopefully once I get a new one things will go faster. There are 6 units with all the shelf pieces to go with them so it'll take a while...then I have to paint them! Sheesh...
Well I must dash. It's coffee break and I have a muffin calling my name.
Have a great day!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring is here :)

Spring is here. New beginnings. I saw a crocus the other day on the walk home. That's my official sign of now it's for real :)

This morning I got up and did my lower body exercises. I picked up a book to log things, so when I get time this weekend I'm gonna start from this monday and log my workouts form now on. I also took some measurements initially last weekend just to be able to see my progress (if any) as I go. I only step on the scale about once a month (it makes me crazy otherwise...and when you're trying to build muscle it can be deceiving). I want to be able to measure how I do by how I feel and how my clothes feel. I want functional strength - to be able to hike where I want to go and do what I need to do in my daily life without strains. Already my pants have lost their uncomfortable feeling they were getting from me over indulging pretty much daily and drinking beer and wine often instead of occasionally. Moderation is the key. After a week of eating well I've lost the wierd sugar cravings I was having which is nice...I no longer feel the need to eat a whole bag of skittles at one go. I have a  Lindt chocolate bunny to enjoy this weekend and it will be glorious :)

I also noticed my knee give a few twinges as I walked to work this morning. Yup *that* knee. The one that would periodically act up in the past. I think I may need to dial back a little bit on my knees . I'm so excited to be able to do full workouts again and it feels so good...I'm perhaps being a tad too enthusiastic about things...and that's how you can hurt yourself. So, before I do anything dumb I will scale it back a bit. I have a weekend of rest, but also I will try some other strengthening exercises next week and see how that helps. I don't need to DO ALL THE EXERCISES just because I can now. I may divide my lower body exercises into 2 separate groups and then do them on separate days instead of all of them twice a week. That sounds more reasonable to me...After all, it's all in the process. I want to enjoy every minute of it :)

J and I are gonna go out tonight for a dinner date out and maybe a film or something. There is a new italian place that opened near our house so we're going to check out what delicious things their wood fire oven can make us...our cheat meal for the week...we deserve it. We've become so used to me not really being up to going out or being trapped by the winter ridiculousness that we're trying to reset our minds and find more things to do out together that aren't too expensive...even just going for a walk or preparing a new recipe...catching a movie or a live band. Things to do together not involving Netflix! Cuz he's my favorite person to be with...:) I also get to spend saturday with my bestie who I haven't seen in nearly a month...I am so very much looking forward to this weekend. It's going to get up to +16C. Glorious!
I was thinking on my walk to work today how lucky I am to have this reboot. How I have been able to step back into my life and I am so very grateful for being able to be here. I have gone from bald, achey and unable to climb a whole set of stairs to walking 4K a day and doing a full weighted workout again. Feeling your body move and respond is a wonderful thing...I never want to take it for granted.