Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pie for breakfast

The insanity workout for today was actually called Cardio Recovery so I figured it'd be easier. Well there wasn't cardio but there was a lot of squats and lunges and pulses and planks and butt, ab and balance work. It was just as tough as the other workouts but for different reasons. My legs and butt were on fire. Whew! I'm determined to do this and see it through as best as I can and see what kind of a change I can make in my body before'll be a long rest up time then and a slow slow rebuild after surgery. The better shape I'm in the better I will heal. All I know is right now I feel AMAZING.

I discovered a new amazing breakfast too. I had leftover pumpkin from some muffins I made earlier and added 1/3c of it with a banana and some cottage cheese, pie spice, a bit of stevia and almond milk. It was like a pie for breakfast. Yummers.

I must dash. Much to do. Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


My surgeon called. There was a cancellation so I finally have a surgery date!
November 24th baby!
All aboard the boobie train.

This word - I do not think it means what you think it means

Insanity Day 3. Hard core stuff but good. Cardio "Recovery". I expected a milder workout because of the  Just hard enough that you wonder part way through if this was a good idea but feel good at the end and know it was when you finish! All sweaty like I used to be after spin class.
I cannot keep up the pace that some of the people in the workouts do, but I did a lot more pushups not on my knees and made it through. I kept good form. Yup, I can do this.
I will likely miss a few days being away for thanksgiving, but I will try and get up to workout before we leave on saturday and then I'll only miss monday at the lake...or maybe I'll take my laptop and do it there outside if it's nice enough out. Who knows...We'll see how it is. There will be much wine and cheese up there so exercise might be a good thing. I usually need a jog when I'm up there to get out of the cabin away from all the peoples, but mu SIL who is usually the source of my stress won't be there this year, so I may just go for a nice hike instead. 2 more days until I can be at the lake for 3 days. I can't wait :)
I hope you all have a great day. I am off to labtown to do some science.

Later: OK I read the title wrong. Cardio Recovery is tomorrow. Today was Pure Cardio. That makes a hell of a lot more sense...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Glass half full

OK...I've had time to calm down and I think I'm better able to go forward again. Walked home from work with J and we talked and ranted and hugged and as always he helped me settle in and deal with it. And so I am choosing to be positive. I'm looking for all the good things: More time for fitness - I can do the whole 2 months of insanity now. More time to enjoy the fall - I can go for my walks right until super snowy season when I have to switch to the bus. More time for me to have to help my Dad renovate our bathroom and get it done right - I can even get all the painting and tiling done and get it just right. And when the letter comes, whenever that is, I'll be ready. I'll be healthy and ready for healing. Bring it.

This morning I did the first real Insanity workout. The Plyometric Cardio Circuit one. Whew! Intense! A good warm up and then 3 minute exercise intervals of 30 seconds of different things with a 30 second break at the end of the 3 minutes for water. 3 sets of 3 minutes for one circuit followed by 7 minutes of good stretching and yoga type movements. Then 3 sets of 3 minutes for another circuit with 2 minutes of straight cardio at the end. I was sweating a tonne when I finished and I had to modify a few things (mostly frog jumps in and out for abs)...and take a few rest breaks...but I made it through, paying attention to form and pushing while still working at my own best pace. I was held back by my legs not being able to hop in and out anymore and my squeaky lungs...but I did it all I could and I feel really good about it. I can definitely do this. Plus it's the kind of workout I like where the more I do the more I'll be able to do, which I think will be very inspiring. I bet when I get back to this workout next week I'll be able to do more of the hops in and out for abs that I just couldn't finish and had to turn into big steps. All I know is right now I feel AMAZING.

This morning as I walked to work it was about -4 with the sunrise shining through a 10 foot shield of fog over the grassy path. It was stunningly beautiful and I was struck with just how happy I was right then. How things *are* OK. Great really when you put it all into perspective.

It's all gonna be fine peoples. It's all gonna be fine. :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Again with the waiting

I am so f*cking frustrated.

I just called my surgeons office AGAIN since I was told I would receive a letter mid september telling me of my November surgery date and was told AGAIN that they actually STILL do not have a date set for me. They were on holidays for a few weeks so things are pushed back.
It gets better.
I will NOW be in December (instead of November like previously said (and October before that)) AND I can't even get any specific date range yet since they haven't been assigned their time for that month yet. I just have to wait. This is making me wish I'd just taken the October date they offered me even though it didn't fit into my life at least I'd be done with it. I was just so sick of my being sick interfering with my life. I wanted to be able to travel for my birthday. I didn't expect to be penalized for it.
So AGAIN I just have to sit here and bloody wait and wait for a letter to arrive for my surgery (up to 1 month beforehand) and NOT plan my life or know what the heck is up with my holidays now either. I have been unable to plan anything substantial since August. How will my christmas be? Who knows? ARGH!
It ALSO means that the swap out surgery for this at the very end will likely now fall somewhere in the summer which I DO NOT want to have happen. This was supposed to all be done by then. So I have to either heal during my fun summer time OR keep my uncomfortable expanders in until the fall...or who knows how long I'll have to wait for THAT appointment then? It's maddening.


I know this is technically elective surgery but I hate being at the whims of others and having to just submit to whatever they say I need to do. I mean, his secretary asked if this scheduling in December was OK. Well no it isn't but what choice do I have? They made it sound like it was my fault since I turned down the october date. I'm not going to lip her off because she's just doing her job. I've been good. I did my time and all the treatments they gave me and I didn't complain. I did my time. Now all I want is my bloody breast back so I can put this all behind me and get on with things.

I just want a date set that will work for me. Is that too much to ask?


Well the Run for the Cure was this weekend and it was a blast! Our team rocked the boobie hats and lab coats and walked the 5K in a misty cold weather day. Even tho Larry, Avin and Joyce couldn't come because they were under the weather the team had a lot of fun. Little Zoe drew names for the gift basket raffle I had put together and we went out for brunch after. And...get this...our team total for fundraising was $5471! Isn't that crazy? I am overwhelmed by the hardwork of my team mates and the generosity of our friends and families. We worked to make a difference in breast cancer research and support right here at home. My heart is full. :)
This morning I started my Insanity program. I'm gonna do it and eat well up until my surgery whenever the hell that ends up being. This month is all about health. I did the first workout which is a fit test and wrote down my scores and I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm gonna smash this out and see where it gets me.

Have a wonderful day all of you!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Thai carrot burgers

During the Fringe festival this year an aquaintance TJ Dawe stayed with us while he was performing his fringe play. He is a kindred spirit who is also a very talented performer and writer. He is also a vegetarian. While here he made us a few incredible veggie burgers from his favourite cookbook and when we raved about them he sent us a copy of the book as a thanks for letting us stay with him. Last night I made a new recipe -Thai Carrot burgers -from the book and wow...I think it is the best veggie burger I have ever had. Onions, garlic and ginger cooked with carrots and coriander, cinnamon and turmeric and held together by egg whites, peanut butter and breadcrumbs with some fresh lime juice and parsley. Amazing. It was a bit of work to make them but they are so incredibly delicious and healthy...and it makes 4 so we get them for supper tonight too. So amazing the buns needed nothing but some mayo and lettuce.
Yes. Veggie burgers can be good. So VERY good.
I am looking forward to trying the other recipes now.