Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Yoga again

This morning I got up a bit earlier and did my entire yoga DVD before I walked to work. It was nice....but I can't get used to the slow pace of yoga. I'm wondering if that means I just need to do more yoga. It seems so sloooooow. I feel good after though.  I'm hoping I'll get more flexible. I'm tempted to try a yoga hybrid workout as well, like the one by Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown which is more of a regular workout based on some yoga poses...less mellow, but maybe more my style...what do you all think about yoga? Maybe I need to learn to relax more? I'm just not all that namaste kind of a person...

I had to fast for a blood test I had this AM and I am now happily eating my chia overnight oats and an apple. I must get back to the lab tho - Just wanted to log this in.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tabatas aren't as much fun as I remember

Lower body day today.  I did 3 times through of:  12 sumo squats, 12 forward lunges, 12 side lunges with arm reaches, 12 one legged bulgarian deadlifts and 12 back ballet leg extensions, with  25 dumbbell ab rows and the 20 each of the butt raise/hold/pulse part of Josie's booty blast video in between  the 3 reps. No probalo - I'm getting stronger...but before that? Before that I was a good little human and did the tabata bike sprints I'd promised myself I would do.
I set my digital timer so I wouldn't have to think and I could just follow the beeps. After a 5 minute warm up on my spin bike I upped the weight a bit and sprinted all out for 20 seconds and then rested/pedaled slowly for 10 seconds a total of 8 times. Then I cooled down on the bike for 4 minutes. And wow...20 seconds is a freaking long time...but I did it. Even though my sprints got a bit gloomier as it went on (the bike has a 40Lb flywheel...phew!) I did not give up and I did my best for all of it. Boom. I needed my inhaler at the end and I had to rest a few minutes before I did my leg work but I am proud of myself.
And now? Now after a walk to work in the sunshine with my Earl Grey and a bit of breakfast in me I feel fantastic. So I will do it on thursday again. Because that's how we roll here at Casa Geo :)

Aaaaaand on a totally different note...a few days ago I learned that 2 of my all time favourite musicians (for very different reasons) have overlap in the world. Johnny Cash recorded a Beck song a waaaaaaay back almost 20 years ago. I don't know how I missed that, but this makes me very happy.

Have a great day! Find something that makes you smile and hug it. Go on.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ah. Weekends...

Did I work on my paper this weekend? Did I paint anything?
Do I care?
Nope :)

I had a nice relaxing weekend. J and I even ditched out of a friend's house party/birthday party where a bunch of our friends would be at just so we could hang out together...sometimes I just want to hang out with's odd - I used to rant that we didn't have a lot of friends or get out much and now that the opportunities present themselves more and more and we've built up a nice little circle of friends I find sometimes the hermit in both of us still kicks in and we still hang out, just us. Like old times. I mean, that's why I married J...there's noone else I'd rather hang out with. :)
The weather was so nice yesterday - it got up to 15 C here. The ice jam on the river is gone, along with a lot of the snow. We walked for hours without a jacket and spent a mellow day together...ending it with tasty beer, nachos and a cheesy movie. Loved it all.

The ice is gone! :)

And yes I still have to finish my paper and have painting to do, but I'll get to it this week. Honest.

As of today we are taking a month to both be healthy - better eating and daily exercise of some kind. One cheat meal a week and no booze except for on the weekend. This morning I did my upper body workout, same as last week with some ball passes for my abs and then had a brisk walk to work so I am on track for the day. Tomorrow I will add some tabata sprints on the bike to my leg stuff. I'm trying to build up a base to start my C to 5K in a week or so. Can't wait...I've been watching so many people jogging while I've been out for walks in this gorgeous weather and I need to try and get out there again too. I know it won't be the fun running I'll be the beginning gaspy struggly runs that build to the fun runs, but I am ready to get started.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Breaking the ice

I had a good workout this morning. Lower body day today.  I did 3 times through of: 12 regular squats, 12 sumo squats, 12 forward lunges, 12 side lunges with arm reaches, 12 one legged bulgarian deadlifts and 12 back ballet leg extensions, with 25 bicycle crunches, 25 dumbell ab rows and the 15 each of the butt raise/hold/pulse part of Josie's booty blast video in between  the 3 reps.
Then it was a nice walk to work. The river ice has started breaking up and a huge chunk has floated down to the bridge by my house and smashed and crunched up. It is amazing such a huge piece of ice can move so quickly. It was there yesterday stuck to the shore across most of the river way down stream. Today it's all piled up and starting to break up and flow down the river. I imagine by the end of the weekend it'll be gone.

This weekend I have schemes to finish a scientific paper I've been working on and get some priming done on a big shelf my Dad built us for our living room so I can get it painted and in place. My Dad is coming back into town a few times in april and if I can get it ready he'll assemble it for us (it's a big wall unit in 6 pieces....I have a lot to paint!). It'll be so nice to have a shelf made by him and have storage in the living room. I can't wait. Just can't decide on a color yet...suppose we'll have to pick soon :) It's supposed to be a nice weekend so I hope to get out for some walks in the sun with J.

Anyhoo...Must dash. Lots to do! Later taters. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Discount rice?

Workout Log: Today was upper body day. Like tuesday only instead of mountain climbers I did 12 four point punches (punching above and across  on top and down to the opposite toe alternating both arms) with 5Lb, 25 ball passes and 12 pushups between reps of the arm and back weight exercises with my 8Lb weight I did tuesday. Then I walked to work.

I'm really loving my morning walks. Having an hour to myself first thing in the morning with my mug of tea is a really nice way to start the day. As long as I have my earmuffs and gloves I'm warm enough once I get moving. Time alone to think and relax is a wonderful thing...helps begin the day off right.

Total random off topic: I was forwarded an article by a friend about cooking rice differently to lower it's calorie content. Apparently if you add coconut oil to the water prior to cooking the rice and then refrigerate the cooked rice overnight before you eat it there is a 10-15% reduction in calories because some of the starches switch to indigestible forms. The researchers projected that other more starchy varieties could have up to a 40% calorie reduction. Interesting thought about how to reduce calories in rice...I know for me I find day old rice to be hard and not as good (I usually put it in something or make fried rice with it then). I'd rather eat less of the soft delicious stuff :) What do you think? Would you make the switch? And does the coconut oil you add to the water to have the reduction end up adding back the calories you'd remove?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yoga maybe?

I've decided Wed will be core day. So, for something new this morning I dug out the yoga DVD that I got back before I was sick that is supposed to focus on Core strength and gave it a go. I didn't leave myself quite enough time so I missed the very end of it, but I really enjoyed it. It was variations on abwork and sun salutations and I felt great after. Definitely going to work this into the regular routines. As I get more familiar with what I'm doing I will enjoy it even more....I'm still looking at the screen a lot to make sure I'm doing the right thing. I'm also stiffer and less flexible than I was so this can only be a good thing for me.
Then I walked to work and that was that.
Piece of cake :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

quick log

Quick log for today. Got lots to do. Today was upper body day. I did the following 3 times through (with my 8Lb dumbells): 12 bicep curls, 12 tricep extensions, 12 shoulder presses, 12 bent rows, 12 side arm raises, 12 front arm raises
In between the 3 sets I did: 25 bicycle crunches, 25 ab rows with a dummbell and 10 pushups (on the knee).

Then I walked to work. Done diddly done.
Later taters.