Monday, August 22, 2016


We're getting a new fridge!!! I am way too excited about this. Humor me. Our old fridge is about 25 years old and we've saved up for a new one for a while. We've been waiting for it to die...and it just won't, so when we went out to look for options this weekend the one we were interested in was $1100 off so we decided that we'd just go for it. J is over the moon at the thought of endless cold water and ice on demand. I am happy at the thought of an inner chiller drawer for beer and wine. Everybody wins...well except maybe my dad who has agreed to help us install it... :)

Because (of course) there is one issue  - it is wider than our current small fridge. OK honestly all fridges are except for itty bitty, some work is needed in the kitchen so it will fit. When we replaced our furnace we made our chimney obsolete and capped it under the roof when it was replaced so the corner part of the kitchen wall to the right of where the fridge is now where the chimney comes up through the wall from the basement is potential open space...we've been putting off dealing with it. We just (haha) need to cut open the wall in the corner and take the chimney out in bricks layer by layer. Not a tonne of work, but requires some patience and carpentry skills which we don't have to. My ever patient and lovely dad has agreed to come for a few days and help us do this so we can then open up that bit of space for the fridge and a bit of storage. Eventually Dad (what would we do without him??) can build us a small floor to ceiling cupboard that will fill in the space next to the fridge to give us some much needed storage in the kitchen, but for now the focus is to put the floor and ceiling in in that little 20 inch square corner area and redo the gyproc walls in that corner after. That way we won't have to really deal with the lack of linoleum flooring in the corner because of the new cupboard will cover over it'll just be a little 6 inch strip to cover under the fridge, which I think we have a remnant to use to fill in the space still (crossing fingers). It will be a pain in the ass and a fair bit of fiddly work but J has agreed to help Dad with all the heavy stuff and be his reno slave so hopefully it won't be too evil. If I had time to take off work to help I would but I can't so I'll be evening help and the one who finishes the drywall and paints after it's done. Luckily we can get this done when Dad comes in to town in September after the long weekend so it's all going to happen relatively soon. It's exciting.

The tortoise and the hare I've been lazy most of the summer lapping up the holidays and eating whatever I please with a few beer thrown in for good measure. And so my pants are tight. Ahem. we go with getting back to health again. I'm well healed up enough to ease back into workouts in addition to my walking to work daily so as of today I've started back to working out to rebuild my strength again. I'm focusing on the introductory Bunny Slope workouts from Zuzka Light's website. They are basic getting back to fitness workouts for complete beginners and about 20 minutes long  - so a good start for this sort of thing. A slow work up will be a bit frustrating for me BUT it will be absolutely critical to keep lymphedema at bay. After a month or so of this I'll move up to some other workouts that are a bit more intense but other than walking I am very out of shape what with surgery recovery and then general laziness for a few months. After a few weeks I might get back to my couch to 5K run program as well, given the gorgeous fall weather. I picked up squeaky lung asthma related sort of bronchitis thing while on holidays and have been using a steroid inhaler for the last week to get my lungs back to normal - hopefully I'll be able to do more vigorour workouts's improving daily but right now I'd be unable to breathe if I pushed too hard. I'm embarrassed to say that I found some of this first workout actually hard (the ab work in particular), which lets me know I'm starting out at the right level. Slow and steady wins the race. :) Today I'll eat healthy and keep this rolling all week and we'll see how I do. Every day is a fresh start.

On a totally different topic I found this sight today - Spoonflower. It lets you design your own fabric or paper! Yup - you can either buy designs of other people on various fabric or papers or send in your own design and make your own. How cool is that? And the price isn't too extreme. I mean it isn't discount cheap or anything but most custom print fabric is 15-20$ a metre so this is about the same with infinite customization. I have some great baby and christmas sewing ideas brewing in my head. Heheh.We shall see.

I should run. Much work to do and then a dentist appointment with a movie night out with my bestie after. A fun full day. Have a good one my peeps.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Kootenays

Well...I'm back in the big shiny world again. I admit I'd still rather be on holidays but I had a great time and feel pretty amazing. I picked up an annoying sinus infection on the first part of my holiday from all the dust in the air at the festival we went to but what can ya do. We still had 4 glorious days of hiking in the Kootenay National Park and it was beautiful. The festival was fun and I got to hang out with old friends in the sunshine and dance all night, but the holiday after with J was really what I was waiting for.

We set up base in a cozy little motel and set out for so many amazing hikes into a number of mountain lakes, waterfalls, a few canyons and even a 5 K hike up to a glacier (my favourite!). It was beautiful...

We averaged about 18Km a day of glorious foresty mountainy adventure. We got to soak in the Radium hot springs a few times in the evening after long hikes and went out to a nice german restaurant for our anniversary for a posh meal and some wine. A real holiday. Like we used to. we DO.


We popped in to visit my sister on the way home and got back late last night. Now it's back to work to see if the lab exploded while I was away. I hope you've all been having a glorious summer!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Holidaze 2.0

Hi guys. Sorry I've been away so much. I'm in holiday mode and we've been away in the wilderness with no internet/cell reception for most of it and just really busy otherwise once we got home. JJ has worked every weekend except one this summer so it's been hectic. I haven't gone to all the festivals with him (he's at one right now actually) but will join him for the next one. My old friend Jeff who has been in China for years was home in Canada for a month and he came to visit us for a week with his wife and baby and it was so very good to see him. The festivals were a great time too and I loved every minute of it. Made some new friends and reconnected with the old. Danced until I couldn't dance anymore. Mission accomplished!!
We leave on monday for another 2 week trek out to BC to a festival and then to wind our way back home through the Kootenays with some hikes and hot springs...a bit more of a relaxing holiday with just J and I. I admit I'm looking forward to that more than the festival. I am having trouble concentrating on work today - last day. Lots to wind up tho so I should get back to it.
I'm going to see a bit of my family this weekend when I visit my Dad and my Auntie (who has been very ill for a long time) passed away so there will be a funeral to go to in the midst of it all...but I am here and healthy and happy. I hope you're all having a great summer as well. I'll get back to the postings when I'm home again mid-August. Until then - BuhBYE!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ROAD TRIP!! 2 hours I'm off the road to this:

Then we're gonna visit my sister and continue on to BC to this:



See you in a few weeks :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

life goals

I strive for this. Some days I fall flat on my face but you do what you can...

I'm in week 2 of my Couch to 5K program again. So far so good. i did my physio for the first time yesterday as well, so I'm slowly working my way back. Running in the morning is just a beautiful's too hot to run after work. So far so good. :)

I had my annual physical - the first one since I finished everything and I'm happy to say I'm in great health. My bad cholesterol is so low it's below the lower limit and all the other stuff is OK as well. It's good to know that I seem to be getting back to things and my health is good. After all I've been through, it's reassuring. I know I can never forget and pretend I'm not worried it'll come back, but for now I'm doing alright. I have a whole summer of just holidays and bonfires and BBQs and hiking and music festivals...and and Hee hee.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Build a fire...we're gonna build a fire

Well sunday I finally did what I've been saying I would do for 5 odd years or so...I built the firepit. J's aunts who used to live here built a small firepit right beside our house under the trees so I could never use it without possibly burning the house...or shed...or yard down. So fires for me. We had actually taken to hauling wood across the river to a firepit in the trees there. All the pieces were here even so it cost me nothign but some manual labor... I just had to move it to a safe space in the yard. I decided that this summer I would do all the things like this I've been talking about because...well...because life is too damn short and I just want to have a fire in my back yard. (dammit)

And so after 2 hours of digging and sawing at tree roots (which was very satisfying if not a little frustrating) I present to you our fire pit. Mee hee.

J being the sweet man he is heard me swearing and digging and left to pick me up some cold beer so when I was done I could stand all satisfied and drink one (OK two...) smugly when I was done. I can have a bonfire in my yard now.